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The Human Behavior Model (HBM) goals and challenges

Fragmented and inconsistent reflection of a human in various fields of knowledge gives rise to a variety of general theoretical and purely applied problems. As if a man consisted of tiles and nobody would know when looking at the pile of tiles how to build a whole man out of them especially when some tiles are missing.
That’s why it is so important to develop a flexible, user-friendly generalizing, synthetic model of human behavior which would adequately mirror various aspects of our behavior, ranging from physiological to socio-cultural. In other words, it is important to describe “homo realisticus”, a computer human being, who will be realistic enough in his decisions to successfully replace living people in social experiments that ill-considered social reforms often turn into.
Such a model would serve at least three big goals:
- it would be a focus of theoretical research (combining disparate theories and springing new ones);
- it would be a powerful research tool
- and it would be used as a tool for solving real-life problems (related primarily to explanation of social phenomena and anticipation of human reactions).


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