Содержание материала

The model is not yet finished and we have a lot of ideas of improvements. Here are just a few:

1) creating interface for public libraries of  model elements (activities, resources, locations and so on.), so that users can create their own model elements without knowing any programming language and add them to an open storage available for everybody;
2) introducing spatial coordinate system. Although there is no certainty that the model would benefit a lot from it, but at least it will make the model more graphic and visually attractive;
3) we’ve had many questions about human life cycle: birth, reproduction, death. Again, there is no certainty that this will significantly increase the explanatory power of the model, but with such cycle (and the division of people based on sex as an inevitable consequence) the model will become more solid and humane;
4) it is very tempting to introduce need’s mutations: how needs would change under the influence of external and internal factors. In other words, we mean a full-scale endogenous generation of needs in response to new environmental conditions, based on experience, current needs and influence of other humans;
5) the idea of activity genesis is very interesting. That’s when people would form new activities based on some basic activities (by modifying and combining elements of activities), i.e. we’re talking about the model being able to generate new activities that were not initially incorporated into it by user or designer;
6) creating individual perception of elements of the surrounding reality and forming human’s own dynamic world representation.

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